Miles are started by little steps

Hi, my name’s Reni. Lisa Sistantri Wororeni. I’m Indonesian and this is the first post that I write in my new blog. Actually, I don’t know, really really don’t know what should I do in this chance. But, I try to write everything that flow in my mind even just in seconds.

I decide to create this blog because I want to improve my skills by making a posting in English. I wish it’ll works. Because nowadays I realize that English is so important in the atmosphere of globalization. So, I want to make little steps towards expert level then.

Improving what I have, choosing what I want, and exploring what I know, are the little steps to be better in the future. I remember what I’ve done in my 19th years of living in this world. Everything about my family, friends, school, dreams, and living plan.

There are so many things that have gone from me. I knew I’ve became a looser, make them -all people that I love- disappointed with me. But I’m trying to be better now. I try to repair anything in my life. Every step, every way, and every time.

And finally, in this last paragraph, I want to give the firmness to the quote “Miles are started by little steps”. I wish this blog can be the right decision that can improve my English.



InsyaAllah, Amiin…


~ im_pap ~


2 thoughts on “Miles are started by little steps

  1. I adore the picture of the steps. I am going to use it to advertise a class I am teaching to people with autism spectrum disorders to start the process of finding employment. To whom should I give the credit?

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